Packaging is an integral part of the goods supply chain. It helps to protects goods from damage, allows efficient distribution, informs the consumer and helps to promote goods in a competitive market place. The main objective of the study was to determine packaging as a tool to boost sales volume in manufacturing industry. The subsidiary objectives include to determine whether packaging ensures the safety and quality of products – from manufacture through to storage, distribution and consumption, whether packaging contributes to product appeal, provides convenience and communicates information e.g. on nutrition and serving instructions. The research has shown that consumers are willing to pay a little more for the appearance and prestige of better packaging as a result of the rise in consumer affluence. In addition, the growth of discount stores, departmental stores and supermarkets has meant that the package must now perform many of the promotional functions. This means that it must attract attention, suggest something desirable inside it in the mind of the consumer and make an overall favorable impression. It was recommended that management should pay more attention to the promotional aspects of good packaging in developing specific packaging policies.




Packaging as tool to boost sale volume in manufacturing industries. The introduction of packaging as tool to boot sales volume cannot be over emphasized for the fact that it is a way of developing the nation economy. In this project, packaging in a business organization will be dealt with.

In this study, packaging is used for general operation of putting goods into container for shipment and storage or it can be taken to means as act of placing production in a special packing before getting to the general public.

Packaging is the general activities that involving designing and producing of products or goods particularly those pass into domestic and international market.

Prior to the advent of packaging a generalization of ideas about the product have to come in by producer after which the idea may be identified ideas of product which planning will be based upon selection of the best alternative idea screening will be take place as a result the best (alternative) with be chosen fro the exercise.

Sometimes, it is done by immediate environment factors for instance, the employer or a specific set of people have to pass their comment as to whether the product is alright I term of size, shape, colour and utility after which the product will be taking to the entire public through packaging.

Packaging is the most important aspect in the incoming or outgoing of product it serves some important purpose of good consumers as well as producer in the boost sales volume at production question such as protection trade appeal customer conveniences, image coordination at the product and as a product utility factors. Nonetheless one of the most significant sales influential is packaging design. It has been used as a crucial marketing tool in order to establish a proper product image and positioning induce consumers to try the goods and create the first impression of the product that generally affect the incremental sales. Therefore, it can be said that well designed packaging can increase product sales volume and profit



Since it has been discovered that poor packaging in a manufacturing industries and it has also been discovered that, the prevailing style used in packaging the product is a result of packaging style. Therefore, the problem under achievement of manufacturing industries is effectiveness. The study will therefore examine which of the classical packaging styles can be more effective in an manufacturing industries So that the product could be improved in market.



Objective of the study is that researchers are of view that finding of this work will provide various method or approaches of packaging that would be used in any manufacturing industries for boost sales volume of their products.

Considering the economy of industry where productions are in abundant supply, for the produces to be in operational existence, there must be adequate packaging for product so that consumers can easily identify once product in the market place. Also it has becoming necessary to engaged in special activities in boost of sales volume in manufacturing industries and there are time when people make use of effective packaging, its impact have being objective in the boost of sales volume of most manufacturing industries.



The main importance of this work is to examine the role played by packaging as a tool to boost sales volume in contributing to the increase in sales level and establishing good image in a form using UNILEVER NIGERIA PLC Apapa Lagos as a case study.

The finding of this research will be of utmost importance to other researchers, students alike and business organizer who will like to conduct a research on a similar topic in business of marketing areas



The entire work of this researcher study will concentrate on packaging as a tool for boost sales volume in manufacturing industries UNILEVER Nigeria Plc, Agbara Industrial Estate Lagos. The research work would be restricted to one of their companies scattered all over the country.



Volume is broad in perspective packaging management encompass its product will review all issue related to packaging management functions

The finding the course of this project consists of five chapters and was faces with the problem of data collection and information necessary for this study due to official protocol.

Some data introduction required are not given because they were regarded as special data compounding the releasing information since they were as well very careful when they deals with outsider who they felt price into affairs.

All the same as systematic approach, friend posture and other made securing of interview possible but not without inches and transformation here and there.

Beside, to the researcher’s problem was that the faced with abandon lecturer many times for the purpose of this study.



The following are to be answered

  1. Are you always satisfied with the company packaging
  2. Will packaging boost your moral and patronage of the company’s product?
  3. Do workers find it easy to channel your complaint to the management?
  4. Does packaging as tool increase sale volume?



The following research hypotheses were used for the study are:

Ho:      Packaging has no significant relationship with sales volume in manufacturing industries.

Hi:       Packaging has significant relation with sales volumes in manufacturing industries


Ho:      Packaging formulation is not significantly related to all departments in the organization.

Hi:       Packaging formulation is significantly related to all departments in the organization.



SALES: this is act of having the product produced by the producer disposed to the final and ultimate consumer at a profit or it is a process of changing the producers production with a profit.

BOOST: this is a marketing strategy aim at communication to the largest consumer in the market, that the right product is available at the right place. It include, advertising sales promotion selling, public relation.

PRODUCT: this is the result of process of raw material energy manpower and time.

PACKAGING: this is the ability of covering a product to prevent it from damages and also to make it attractive in the sight of consumers and which influence sales.

MARKET: this is a set of actual a potential buyer of a product.

Sales volume: is the number of sold units of sales in a certain period of times.

Domestic market: A nation’s internal market representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities within that nation

INTERNATIONAL MARKET: is involves the firm in making one or more marketing mix decision across national boundaries. Shipment is the quality of goods shipped, consignment, and coat and oil shipment.

CONTAINER: refer to items used to contain stove and transport product.

DESIGN: is a purposeful, systematic and creative activity.

DUAL OR MULTIPLE CHAMBER CONTAINERS are designed to allow for the co-packaging of more than one product which brought together create one integrated final product

SHELF STABLE: refers to those products that do not require refrigeration or freezing for safety

RESPONDENT: it is someone that has taken part in some type of study or research be it answer a questionnaire or it could be an interview

SUPPLY CHAIN: is a system of organization, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product from supplier to consumer.

PRIMARY PACKAGING: is the material the first envelops the product and holds it.

SECONDARY PACKAGING: is out outside the primary packaging perhaps used to group primary packages together.