Forecasting is a new, and still changing field. One of the most important factors in the relationships between method and result is that core assumptions are more important than sophisticated techniques; improved technique does not compensate for faulty assumptions. Forecasting is still an art and one that is difficult to master. The uses of forecasting can be so varied, and applied to so many different disciplines, that it’s worth making the effort. The appraisal of forecasts and the choice of the “most likely” from a group focusing on the same area is also a type of forecasting.




This project work demonstrates car. Intelligent traffic control system for Olaiya Junction in Oshogbo, Osun State by using visual basic programming. One of the first efforts was to study the feasibility of the area by using the traffic control officers. The aim of this project work is to design and implement an intelligent traffic control system at Olaiya Junction based on car traffic at that area. The main function of the designed intelligent traffic control system is to adjust, in real time, signal timings in response to variation in traffic demand and system capacity at the junction. The real time data form traffic controls are collected and analyse for proper designing. Based on the information gatherer, this system was able to detect traffic incident in junctions and decide what to do in order to avoid such re occurrence. The result of this project work are reduction in normal recurring, significantly enhanced operational tools congestions to effectively manage traffic accident, faster response to report faults, improved public transport service, reduction in emergency response, safe travel and less congestion during road construction work.