1.0                                              INTRODUCTION

1.1       Background of  the  Study

Human resources management is concerned with managing people at work and its objective is to assist organization in the recruitment which is suitable for labour force and create a condition which will make the workers positive in the performance of their work. It has become obvious that if all economic resources are efficiently used it will improve the economic performance. Therefore human resources management can be defined as the effectiveness of the management of human resource; this means that managing people is an essential activity and it is a basic management responsibility in every organization, it involves planning, directing and controlling, the human beings it employed. It must be noted however that none of the above mentioned human resources management function exist in isolation.

They are inter related and inter dependent. They interplay not only to ensure continuity of the organization but also to contribute today that men not money control the destiny of business.

The process of creating a large pool of applicants who are willing and able to work for the organization, through screening of these applicants with a view to identify and choose those considered the best that should have greater chance of successful job performances as well as further enhance their productivity by organizing a process of learning and acquiring special skills or knowledge for a defined purpose is of paramount importance to the organizations performance.

1.2       Statement of the problem

Accompanying the transition in manpower and development programme there has been in increase in the cost of manpower comprising all charges incurred from the time the staffs are employed. To be analyzed is how manpower training goals are achieved and measured.


1.3       Objective of the Study

  1. To examine the role of human resources management in promoting credibility in the banking industry, in Nigeria as well as to examine the profitability of the banking industry in. relation to human resources management.
  2. The study will specially identify the ways in which human resources can be effectively managed in the organization with particular reference to the case study.

iii.          The study will also analyze the relationship between the quantity and quality of human resources in determining the overall performance of a firm.

1.4    Significance of the study

This study is an attempt to find solution to the problem of inefficiency confronting Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC, in particular and business organization in general. The result obtained from this study will be used by the management in solving the problem of inefficiency among their workers. Furthermore, it will also be of general help to administrator’s manager and supervisor how best to motivate and compensate their employees toward high level performance, which will undoubtedly lead to increasing productivity.