Packaging is every important tool that stimulates demand for the product through its attractiveness, protection, and easy handling. This research work examined the impact of packaging on sales volume with special reference to Berger Paint Products. Purposive method was employed to select Berger Paint Plc. Structured questionnaire was used to collect the data and simple percentage and chi-square were employed to analyze the data. The results show that effective packaging has significant effect on sales volume through demand stimulation. Recommendations were profile for the management on how packaging can assist organization to wax stronger in a competitive environment.


Marketing research is relevant to every aspect of human Endeavour that is it cannot be regarded as a mere issue. It is indeed becoming necessary for everybody to carryout research. Sometimes phenomena, events situations is life mighty seem observed but there is need to clarify events, situations etc. hence the need for research the researcher wants to move from a point of ignorance to point of knowledge.
Marketing research is universal. A good applied research is expected to identify and solve the problem relating to business faced by the society: various continents, countries, cities, industries, companies and the world at large face various problems and have various needs these problems include international, Monetary crisis, labour relations, status production issue, rising prices, poor living standard, labour relations over population, planning in public and private sector managerial problems in various business firms.
Challenges of package consumer goods are vital in today’s world. Packaging is needed for two reasons in consumer goods.
I. Provide food for all people
II. Facilitate a global free trade.
Today we are waste huge amount of food due to improper packaging costumer goods, transport and storage especially is less developed countries where large groups of the populations move to the cities to find an income. We only need to compare the food waste figures between the western world and less developed countries.
At the same time, the globalization of the world economy has made it natural for companies that previously focused their activities on national markets to move toward new market around the world. Packing is one of the important facilitate to accomplish market growth along with modern information technology and a will designed and applied supply chain.

Despite the magnitude and the importance of product packaging, little attention is given to it by most business organisations as they view it as money consuming and wasteful ventures. So the question is could packaging affect the performance of marketing in manufacturing firm. Through sales and profit, it is the view of the question that the researcher was motivated to conduct a study on packing in marketing performance of branch with survey of Berger paint products, so that their methods and techniques of packaging could be ascertained and correction made.