The purpose of this project is to examine effort of manpower planning on organization efficiency. I use sterling product Nigeria plc Ilupeju Lagos as a case study in order to be able to discuss with the union, employees and management, how they have been able to have greater efficiency in the organization. In order to acquire knowledge about the topic, many textbooks, written by eminent author in the field of manpower planning were reviewed. The use of questionnaire was also employed to gather all the data needed the workers. The data were interpreted and analyzed on different tables. The chi-square test was used to analyzed the quest relating specifically to the working hypothesis. This was on 50% level of significance. In considering the overall result of the data analysis, I was abler to bring out the impact of manpower planning on the organizational productivity and efficiency. Finally, I am profoundly grateful to authors of these books, journals and write up I consulted above all big thank to you all for you support and understanding. May Almighty God be with you all and guide you all right (Amen).    





Manpower planning is connected with acquisition utilization development and maintenance of human resources.

Twain (1977) says that “every body is talking about it or they are not doing very, perhaps, everyone talks about human resources planning that, it is a step in the right direction, but must people do not assume the quality effort. Though, manpower planning is relatively new in the field of personnel management since twenty-five to thirty year age, not must has been written about the need for planning human resources in an organization”

However, it will appropriate to examine the strength and weakness of human resource this will in turn take it easier to have good plans, and programme that will be prepared to manpower planning in the management circle has helped organization in seeking a means of maintaining and improving their ability to achieve their corporate image and objective be developing strategy which are designed to increase the present and future contribution of manpower towards the survival of the organization. To this end, it is appear that manpower planning must be over all strategic planning of an organization it must be integrated with the business objective for organization effectiveness to be achieved.

If an organization planned for her sales, finance and production and disregard the human resources plan. It will find out that all other functional area planned for, will badly be implemented.

Nwanchuku (1987) has noted that on of the problem confronting management in an organization is the marching of people with jobs they have suited what makes an organization to be a successful one is the ability to forecast the future occurrence. Any organization that cannot have effective manpower planning will always be on risk side. More, if expensed and skilled people are few, it is therefore necessary to plan a head before the problem knocks on our door. Manpower planning is necessary because it given upper management a better view of the human resource dimension of business decision.

It should be noted however, that the days of unsystematic and initiate manpower management are drawing closely. Hence, if the manpower management is not adequately acquire and utilized, it will be worse than unplanned, because of the multiple effects, it will have on all other functional area. Manpower planning covers more than simple planning the future requirement. But it also taken into consideration the current level of skills in an organization and the levels, discharge or other reason.



There are many problem that organization undergo and some of these problems have been solved through “manpower planning and its effect on organization efficiency” in this research work of these problems have been solved. The research examined the method of preventing under-staffing and also how to identify the course of labour turnover with the manpower planning and its effect on organization efficiency organizations were able to save problems that may arises.

Also, through manpower planning, we are able to understand that human resources into good and services that exist or can be created.

There resources are to be changed into the final product for consumption through the effectiveness of the help people working in the organization. Furthermore, with the help of manpower planning we wearable to know and solve the problem of over staffing, employees, are fully employed in order to avoid crown-less and illness in the organization. Over working to the employees may lead to unsatisfactory and demotivate.



Below are the questions prepared to test the effective of planning and organization effectiveness.


To test whether for research be accepted or rejected, certain analysis is will be carried out, and these include: