The impact of effective communication on organizational productivity. Entails some vital elements which are instrumental to the effectiveness of business organization. This impact involves how communication can be put in place to achieve the stated objectives. It should be stated that this project is designed in such a way that it is sufficiently comprehensive to accommodate the interest examine other areas such as the bio – data of the workers the types of communication the role of communication the problems and solution encountered to mention but a few. Furthermore, this project is designed to reduce the bottle neck in communication impact through the suggestion and recommendation made by the researchers, every business organization will find this project useful in their daily activities.



A manager can good decision, sound plans and establish an effective organizational structure if the employees work hard and are being motivated. Communication occurs when a person transmits meaning, understanding message to another person or group.

Having known this, it is of require good communication since it is regarded as the foundation upon which an organization system must be developed and maintained to get an idea passed across to other in order to bring intended performance.

Furthermore, without the process of communication the various part of organization would not be bound together and the organization would not exist.

In order to successful, the organization needs people who can communicate efficiently and efficiency.



            This study will examine how effective communication, lack of communication and adequate uses of communication process will affect organization productive and efficiency. The study will however, provide appropriate solution that will stand test of time. Many organizations have neglected the area of communication and concentrate on other less important area in their quest to boost productivities.

One of the greatest key elements to managerial success is a manager’s ability and skill in communicating information received or generated effective communication is a powerful tool that says going concern can use to improve on its productivities.

In this regard, this study will critically examine how ineffective communication lack of communication and inadequate use of communication process affects organizational productivity and efficiency. The study will however proffer appropriate solutions that will stand the test of time.