The research work is based on the significance of marketing research in an organization as a tool decision making using Nipol Plastic Industry, Apapa Nigeria Flour Mills Apapa Lagos as a case study. Chapter one of the research work deals with the introduction, aims and objective, scope of the study, purpose and research hypothesis and the historical background of the study. Chapter two deals extensively with the review of the related literature, definition and categories. Types and method, strategies, trends, importance, consider means and documentation. Chapter three demonstrates the data presentation, area of the study, sample size, methods of data collection, method of data analysis. Chapter four shows data analysis and data presentation while chapter five deals with summary recommendation and conclusion.                    




Promotion is an important element of marketing mix i.e. communication of what the company had produced to the people, other elements of marketing mix are product, price and place. All these elements mentioned above are referred to as 4P’s of the marketing mix.

When planning the promotion this can be viewed as a sequential process aimed at deciding the strategies objectives the four elements of the promotional (or communication mix) are: –

Non personal   –    Advertising

  • Publicity
  • Sale promotion

Personal – Personal selling

At the same time every company will use one or perhaps a combination of the promotion mix the kind of product will determine which mix to use the objective of promotion is not to inform only. It is to encourage customer wish to attain with regard to the three possible groups of objective

  • Information
  • Persuading
  • Reinforcing

Alternatively these will be accessions when a very amusing or eye catching promotion fails to encourage any customer behavoiur, this should be discovered in routine marketing research which should track the usage of any attitude towards individual products.

Personal selling is the method of face to face interpersonal persuasive process designed to influence people decision personal selling is the best method of promotion because the quickly creates and sells the image of the company’s product to the potential customers and also retains the existing one.

Customers durable bulk orders to retailer, some fashion goods and expensive product of all kinds are sold through face to face contact between sales person and customer. Some sales person sales merely visit promotional efforts create desires ownership of products.

Sales persons ensure these desire are fulfilled some sales persons merely visit customers to record their current requirements.